Facility Rental Information

An arena reservation includes exclusive use of the arena and dragging and watering (if needed) prior to the event.

  • Dates and arenas will be considered reserved when a:
    •  Full 25% Arena rental deposit is received and
    • Full $100 Management deposit is received.
  •  $100 Management Deposit must be received as a separate check. (See Management Deposit below).
  • Proof of Insurance is required. See Insurance below.
  • Stall use is not included and is extra. See WCCEC Rules and Policies.

Participants riding, handling, exhibiting or warming up a horse in events in reserved arenas must:

  • Sign and have a Liability Release on file:
    • The Liability waiver on the Membership form or
    • The last page of the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  •  Provide a negative proof of EIA
  •  See Management Deposit below

Membership Costs:
Arena’s Available

  • Main Arena (150’x300’) (You must specify at the time of the reservation if the use of announcers stand and PA equipment is needed)
    •  Weekend Rate: $300/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Tozier Western Arena (130’x254’)
    • Weekend Rate: $220/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Dressage Arena (66’x198’)
    • Weekend Rate: $220/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Schooling Arena (90’x175’)
    • Weekend Rate: $110/day, Weekday Rate: $85/day; $45 half day
  • EATA-Mabry Equidome Arena (80’x120’)

    • Must reserve at least 1 week in advance, Times are subject to EATA usage.

    • Members Only Rates, First renter must be a member of WCCEC, riders who are not members must additionally pay $15 day use fee

      • $25/hour for up to 3 horses + $10/horse for additional horses (max 10 horses)

      • $125/ half day, any day

      • $250/ whole day, any day

      • $450/two full weekend days, Saturday & Sunday

  • Entire Facility Rental (closes Center to the public & members)
    • Full Day Rate all 5 arenas: $1320.00,
    • Full day set-up/breakdown: $275
    • Half Day set-up/breakdown: $140
  • Hourly Rate of any arena: $25 (subject to availability) Round Pen $10/ Hour
  • Book 5 or more weekday events and receive 10% discount on Arena Rental Rate
  • 20% off Arena Rental discount to groups in their first year and making reservations for the full season

All services and arena equipment is included in arena rental except:

  • Jumps: $30/Full day only (Includes tractor/trailer/driver for transporting jumps)
  • Portable Dressage Arena: $30/day
  • Round pen move: $60 (includes both ways)

Individual Membership $125 individual/$250 Family
Day Fee (One Time Use) $ 15 Individual/ $ 30 Family
Day Use Fee for Event Participants $ 15 individual/ $ 30 Family

Stall use is available to members on non event days

Extra arena drags: Must be requested prior to an event. $15/each

  • Barrel Racing Drags: $15 (unlimited drags)


  • Revenue events require show management to obtain insurance, which closes reserved arena(s) to riders/users not participating in the show/event.
  • Insurance must be obtained and proof provided to WCCEC by 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event. Proof of insurance must specify Anchorage Horse Council and Municipality of Anchorage as “additional insured”.
  • Liability Insurance minimum is $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars).
  • Rodeo’s require Liability insurance minimum of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars).
  • Insurance for clinics is required.

All participants in all events must sign the Liability Waiver on the Membership form

All instructors/trainers/coaches giving lessons outside of an event must have a Trainer Membership (Individual Membership + $60). Student must either be WCCEC Members or pay the Day Use fee.
Guest clinicians who are not residents of Alaska are required:

  • To sign the Waiver on the Membership form
  • To sign the last page of the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Pay arena Rental Fee
  • If clinic is held in an unreserved arena (sharing use of the arena) then 20% payment of total compensation from lessons, coaching, and clinic fees are required.

Management Deposit
Management Deposit ($100) is paid as a separate check at the time of arena reservation.

  • Memberships, Waivers and EIA’s can be turned in directly to WCCEC early in the year, prior to the event.

Event Management Responsibilities

  • Unlock stalls for your event participants and create Stall Cards for each stall used
  •  Obtain stall Deposits ($20 per stall payable to AHC).
  • Ensure arena, grounds, parking lot and all stalls used are locked, cleaned and all bedding, hay and manure removed.
  • All manure carts and tools are correctly emptied and returned.
  • Participants, guests and audience follow WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  • Collect signed Liability Waivers for all participants and forward to AHC
    • A WCCEC Membership list is available for Event Coordinators

The Management Deposit is returned after and if event management ensures, after the event, that the above criteria have been met.

  •  Exception is for any stalls left unclean with bedding, manure or hay, Event Management forwards participants $20 Stall Deposit per stall to WCCEC.
    • Any stalls left unclean without a $20 Deposit paid to WCCEC will result in WCCEC retaining the $100 Management Deposit
    • If any Participants are discovered as not providing a signed Liability Waiver, negative EIA or not following the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”, the $100 Management Deposit will be retained by WCCEC.