Facility Rental Information

Print off a Facility Use Application here

Booking a Rental

Memberships are available here.

With a membership riders have access to the whole facility based on availability.

Rentals of arenas or facility close the area to general membership making the area a private event, such as lessons, clinics, or shows. 

Scroll through our rental options. Click on the option you would like. Choose the month, day, and time. Fill out your information and click book appointment. You will receive a confirmation email for your event. 

  • Don't see the appointment or set up you want? Have a larger event, such as weekend long rental? It can be booked by email or printing off our form and mailing it in.  Schedule your event at ahcscheduling@gmail.com
  • If you are booking five or more weekday events at once, you can receive a 10% discount on Arena Rental Rate.  
  • First time user groups receive 20% off Arena Rental when making reservations for the full season.

Email ahcscheduling@gmail.com for further discount information

Facility Use Application

Rental Information Sheet

An arena reservation includes exclusive use of the arena and dragging and watering (if needed) prior to the event.

  • Dates and arenas will be considered reserved when a:
    •  Full 25% Arena rental deposit is received and
    • Full $100 Management deposit is received.
  •  $100 Management Deposit must be received as a separate check. (See Management Deposit below).
  • Proof of Insurance is required. See Insurance below.
  • Stall use is not included and is extra. See WCCEC Rules and Policies.

Participants riding, handling, exhibiting or warming up a horse in events in reserved arenas must:

  • Sign and have a Liability Release on file:
    • The Liability waiver on the Membership form or
    • The last page of the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  •  Provide a negative proof of EIA
  •  See Management Deposit below

Arena’s Available

  • Main Arena (150’x300’) (You must specify at the time of the reservation if the use of announcers stand and PA equipment is needed)
    •  Weekend Rate: $300/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Tozier Western Arena (130’x254’)
    • Weekend Rate: $220/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Dressage Arena (66’x198’)
    • Weekend Rate: $220/day, Weekday Rate: $165/day; $85/half day
  • Schooling Arena (90’x175’)
    • Weekend Rate: $110/day, Weekday Rate: $85/day; $45 half day
  • EATA-Mabry Equidome Arena (80’x120’)

    • Must reserve at least 1 week in advance, Times are subject to EATA usage.

    • Members Only Rates, First renter must be a member of WCCEC, riders who are not members must additionally pay $15 day use fee

      • $25/hour for up to 3 horses + $10/horse for additional horses (max 10 horses)

      • $125/ half day, any day

      • $250/ whole day, any day

      • $450/two full weekend days, Saturday & Sunday

  • Entire Facility Rental (closes Center to the public & members)
    • Full Day Rate all 5 arenas: $1320.00,
    • Full day set-up/breakdown: $275
    • Half Day set-up/breakdown: $140
  • Hourly Rate of any arena: $25 (subject to availability) Round Pen $10/ Hour
  • Book 5 or more weekday events and receive 10% discount on Arena Rental Rate
  • 20% off Arena Rental discount to groups in their first year and making reservations for the full season

All services and arena equipment is included in arena rental except:

  • Jumps: $30/Full day only (Includes tractor/trailer/driver for transporting jumps)
  • Portable Dressage Arena: $30/day
  • Round pen move: $60 (includes both ways)

Individual Membership $125 individual/$250 Family
Day Fee (One Time Use) $ 15 Individual/ $ 30 Family
Day Use Fee for Event Participants $ 15 individual/ $ 30 Family

Stall use is available to members on non event days

Extra arena drags: Must be requested prior to an event. $15/each

  • Barrel Racing Drags: $15 (unlimited drags)


  • Revenue events require show management to obtain insurance, which closes reserved arena(s) to riders/users not participating in the show/event.
  • Insurance must be obtained and proof provided to WCCEC by 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the event. Proof of insurance must specify Anchorage Horse Council and Municipality of Anchorage as “additional insured”.
  • Liability Insurance minimum is $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars).
  • Rodeo’s require Liability insurance minimum of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars).
  • Insurance for clinics is required.

All participants in all events must sign the Liability Waiver on the Membership form

All instructors/trainers/coaches giving lessons outside of an event must have a Trainer Membership (Individual Membership + $60). Student must either be WCCEC Members or pay the Day Use fee.
Guest clinicians who are not residents of Alaska are required:

  • To sign the Waiver on the Membership form
  • To sign the last page of the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Pay arena Rental Fee
  • If clinic is held in an unreserved arena (sharing use of the arena) then 20% payment of total compensation from lessons, coaching, and clinic fees are required.

Management Deposit
Management Deposit ($100) is paid as a separate check at the time of arena reservation.

  • Memberships, Waivers and EIA’s can be turned in directly to WCCEC early in the year, prior to the event.

Event Management Responsibilities

  • Unlock stalls for your event participants and create Stall Cards for each stall used
  •  Obtain stall Deposits ($20 per stall payable to AHC).
  • Ensure arena, grounds, parking lot and all stalls used are locked, cleaned and all bedding, hay and manure removed.
  • All manure carts and tools are correctly emptied and returned.
  • Participants, guests and audience follow WCCEC “Rules and Policies”
  • Collect signed Liability Waivers for all participants and forward to AHC
    • A WCCEC Membership list is available for Event Coordinators

The Management Deposit is returned after and if event management ensures, after the event, that the above criteria have been met.

  •  Exception is for any stalls left unclean with bedding, manure or hay, Event Management forwards participants $20 Stall Deposit per stall to WCCEC.
    • Any stalls left unclean without a $20 Deposit paid to WCCEC will result in WCCEC retaining the $100 Management Deposit
    • If any Participants are discovered as not providing a signed Liability Waiver, negative EIA or not following the WCCEC “Rules and Policies”, the $100 Management Deposit will be retained by WCCEC.