EATA-Mabry Equidome Indoor Arena (80’x120’)

All equine activities in the Equidome are scheduled through the Anchorage Horse Council at or contacting us through our contact page. Please be patient as this is a new opportunity for us all and there may be a few kinks to work out. Currently the Equidome is not open to non equestrian rentals as the 2017-2018 winter will be a testing period for use.

Photo Credit: EATA

Photo Credit: EATA

You will need to sign the Equidome form before you can ride, Click Here to Download the form.



EATA-Mabry Equidome Arena (80’x120’)

  • Must be reserved one week in advance in order for the facility to be opened for the user, as it remains locked when not in use.

  • Times are subject to Equine Therapy usage. They are not operating during the 2017-18 winter season and will begin again starting in May 2018.

  • The primary renter must be a member of WCCEC. Memberships can be purchased on our Membership page here

  • These are members only rates, additional riders who are not members must pay an additional $15 day use fee

    • $25/hour for up to 3 horses

      • + $10/horse for additional horses (max 10 horses)

    • $125/ half day (6 hours), any day

    • $250/ whole day (12 hours), any day

    • $450/two full weekend days, Saturday & Sunday

The Equidome is owned by Equine Assisted Therapy Association, known as EATA, and the Anchorage Horse Council helps with equestrian rentals. The Equidome does have heat that will be kept at a low temperature and is regulated by EATA. The current dust mitigation plan is large exhaust fans in the peaks of the structure. Please let us know when you rent if you have any problems and we will try our best to rectify them.