Book a Rental

Memberships are available here.

With a membership riders have access to the whole facility based on availability.

Rentals of arenas or facility close the area to general membership making the area a private event, such as lessons, clinics, or shows. 

Scroll through our rental options. Click on the option you would like. Choose the month, day, and time. Fill out your information and click book appointment. You will receive a confirmation email for your event. 

  • Don't see the appointment or set up you want? Larger events, such as weekend long rentals can be booked by email or printing off our form and mailing it in.  Schedule your event at
  • If you are booking five or more weekday events at once, you can receive a 10% discount on Arena Rental Rate.  
  • First time user groups receive 20% off Arena Rental when making reservations for the full season.

Email for further discount information